Q. How much does double glazing cost?
It depends on the type, style and sizing but most clients are happily surprised at how cost effective replacement double glazing can be.

Q. How long does it take?
On average each job is completed within 3-4 weeks of initial enquiry

Q. Will we get sent a double glazing salesman?
No. We send a professional expert to measure and quote. The quote is sent by post so no hard selling double glazing salesmen ever - guaranteed

Q. Do you do finance?
No but we can give you details for a number of banks and financial companies who will happily finance your double glazing to make it even more affordable.

Q. How much will it reduce my heating bill?
This depends on a lot of factors but typically 20-40% savings can be achieved by reduced heat loss through the new double glazed windows.

Q. Do you provide secondary double glazing?
We can provide all types of double glazing. Our estimator will be able to advise you on the best double glazing options for your property, needs and budget

Q. Is your quote fixed?
Yes. What we quote is what you pay. No hidden extras or last minute surprises from us.


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